About Havatech

Istanbul-based HAVATECH is a provider of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) software solutions such as DCS, W&B, and AODB for airports, airlines, and ground handlers. As a leading provider of aviation IT solutions, Havatech is focused on delivering practical, modern and cost-effective services that satisfy aviation industry needs and fit within special interest airlines’ budget. Our initial goal was to develop a right passenger service system that would not financially or economically exhaust the airlines. Furthermore, with our emphasis on retaining the entrepreneurial spirit, we aimed to provide an environment in which clients can conveniently tailor their business relationship with us.

Taking into account our deep insight, ever changing progressive vision and customer-oriented partnership, we have been able to develop new efficient and economical Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions comprising passenger processing, resource management, flight management, operational messaging, airports billing, full reporting center, inventory management and associated hardware and services. With Havatech solutions, it is now feasible to lower the total cost of ownership, optimize processes, enhance the passengers’ experience, and persistently tackle the biggest challenges in the competitive business environment of aviation industry, no matter the airline’s size, complication, region or business model.

Our Goals

We want to build a convenient environment to present innovative IT solutions for our community. Our goal is to improve our portfolio’s reputation relying on quality, innovation and utilizing low-cost solutions that meet our client’s needs. We don’t sell and forget. We see our clients as long term partners. Providing the highest quality in terms of customer service, efficiency, safety, and security with a strong focus on effective cost control and increasing revenue generation in the aviation industry is also among the main objectives of the Havatech.