Havatech Baggage Storage Application

Havatech Baggage Storage Application is designed to enable airlines and ground handlers to manage and track any delayed, or missed baggage in the airport. Such baggage’ information can be saved in the application by scanning the bag tag. Users can extract different reports from those baggage based on the name of the airline, city, and flight number. Whenever baggage is delivered to a customer it belongs to, it is possible to see the time, date, station, and user that brings out the left baggage of storage.


  • Providing very easy to use and rapid tool for entering/exiting baggage to the storage
  • Get real-time insight into baggage status everywhere at any time
  • Graphical User Interfaces are simple, intuitive and easy to learn
  • Custom & diverse reports from the storage for every station
  • Access to data from the corresponding panel on tablet, PC, smartphone, etc

havatech luggage storage