Havatech Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS)

Havatech Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS)

Havatech BRS is a mobile Baggage Reconciliation System, which is compliant with IATA resolution 753. Our solution is capable of fulfilling the requirements of any airport and reduces operating costs by streamlining the baggage handling process and optimizing the utilization of baggage handling resources.
Through Havatech baggage reconciliation system, you are able to keep track of every bag and container in your system. Havatech BRS is developed in order to let you know where each bag is at every moment of passengers’ flight.

Havatech DCS is  certified to operate in TAV Technologies CUPPS and other major common use environments (CUTE).

Havatech BRS Module

Havatech Baggage Reconciliation System helps airlines to enhance flight safety and operational efficiency. HBRS can be utilized by airlines and ground-handlers in airports in order to enhance travel safety by ensuring that every checked baggage deployed in an airplane belongs to the relevant passenger. Through our solution, airlines can also decrease the costly baggage mishandling incidents, which is an annual problem for the aviation industry.


  • Automated baggage tracking and reconciliation, which helps real-time monitoring of the movement and loading of baggages during departure process
  • Integrates with same barcode system utilized by departure control system to identify bags and track their movements through airports
  • Delivers IATA reconciliation messages


  • Prevention of incorrect loading
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Reduces passenger processing time
  • Improved security and conformance
  • Reduced risk of misloads and handler error