Havatech ground handling turnaround

Havatech ground handling turnaround

Nowadays, all airports and airlines have daily and standard operational processes, but rarely do they operate on schedule and as planned. In addition to this, failure to properly handle aircraft turnaround can result in more delays, costs, extravagant parking fees, and passenger dissatisfaction, which can significantly impact the reputation of airline companies. Havatech Turnaround Management is a cost-effective and an easy to use airport management solution, which allows more flights to operate with shorter turnaround times.

Havatech Turnaround Management enables airlines, especially low-cost ones, to be better prepared for turnarounds operations by planning optimally with a minimum cost and most efficient way. Today, flight delays cost millions of dollars. So, whether you are an airline, airport, or ground handler, the main challenge for you is to optimize service level performance for passengers and customers while reducing costs. In this regard, Havatech Turn helps you to achieve profitability and reduce operational costs through the optimized use of resources and assets.

Havatech Turnaround Management helps airlines decision-makers to plan and control the utilization of key airport resources such as personnel, equipment, and aircraft stands, which makes it a profitable airport management tool. Havatech Turn ensures each service is delivered on time every time from cabin services to refueling to catering through to health & safety and compliance. You can achieve higher aircraft utilization and manage turnaround processes in real-time, by choosing Havatech Turn as your turnaround solution.


  • Ability to get real-time information from flight coordinator through various devices
  • Real-time graphical and numerical charts for the given information
  • A flexible procedure control for ground handlers to pass information
  • Electronic invoicing system for airlines and ground handlers which can be customized as needed
  • Generating management and analysis reports via interactive management dashboards to evaluate and optimize your business
  • Remarkable efficiency in time and costs of your ground handlers

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