Havatech Weight and Balance

havatech load controlHavatech Weight and Balance provides a cost-effective, accurate, and optimized solution to meet airlines and ground handlers requirements. Havatech Weight & Balance is designed to increase overall flight operation efficiency by providing fuel savings, which ensures quality, safety, accurate balance calculation, and load sheet compilation.
Havatech W&B can easily integrate into an airline’s existing departure control systems and streamline functionalities in the weight and balance process. Due to the fact that this solution is easy to learn and use, it reduces training costs as well.
Havatech Weight and Balance automates most of the load controllers’ decisions, which enables them to safely handle many flights at the same time. Moreover, your load controllers will no longer waste time switching between different systems and calculate Load and Trim sheets manually.


  • The system can take into account passengers balance influence per row, cabin area & class
  • Calculating Real-time Weight, Index & MAC of ZFW, LAW & TOW
  • Weight Limitation are automatically checked
  • Showing Real-time Underload Value
  • Generating an out of range alarm for MAC Points
  • Ideal trim line for minimum fuel usage
  • Database section for Airline Basic & Aircraft Basic (AHM560 & AHM565) information
  • Generating IATA Format of LoadSheet
  • Supporting Standard & non-standard fuel
  • Weight & Balance block, Check-in block, Temporary block feature
  • Generating Post departure Messages (LDM, CPM,…), LIR&NOTOC

Benefits:havatech weight and balance

  • Improves customer service
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Reduces training costs
  • Simple to learn and easy to operate
  • Mobile version available for smartphones and tablets
  • Fast integration with third party DCS
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Fewer load planning errors and delays
  • Reduced costs in fuel consumption