Havatech Departure Control System (DCS)

havatech departure control system

Havatech Departure Control System (DCS), as a cost-effective and standalone system with comprehensive functionality and automation, helps ground handlers and airlines to bring check-in, boarding, and related processes together to run their operations smoothly and efficiently. The sophisticated schedules and fares modules allow multi-leg routes, connecting flights, and multi-class segments.

Havatech DCS is  certified to operate in TAV Technologies CUPPS and other major common use environments (CUTE).

Havatech Local Departure Control System

As the heart of many operations for ground handlers, airlines, and airports, L-DCS reduces their costs, optimize passenger handling, enhance passengers’ satisfaction, and increase their revenue and ancillary sales. Available either locally installed or fully hosted, the user-friendly interface makes Havatech Local Departure Control System (HL-DCS) simple to learn for agents; consequently, reduces training costs. Integrated productivity features and fast processing time keep Passenger Services running as smoothly as possible. HL-DCS has connection to the GSM system and can get IATA messages such as PNL, and ADL, without the need of a stable internet connection. Moreover, a portable version of HL-DCS in which you can handle an airport’s check-in is available in a suitcase.

Mobile Check-in

In mobile Check-in process, boarding pass and other necessary Check-in information (e.g., preferred seat number) is sent to the passenger’s mobile device, and consequently, there is no need for printing it. The mobile version of boarding pass can then be scanned at the airport during security checks and boarding.

  • Simultaneous support for multiple hosts
  • Online and offline reports


  • The lower total cost of ownership
  • Offers inter-airline- through- check-in (IATCI).
  • Advanced self- service options (Kiosk, Online check-in, etc.)
  • Mobile Check-in
  • Certified for all major common use environments.
  • Complies with all Standard IATA messages.
  • Handles all customs and immigration requirements, including PNRGOV, APIS, and APP
  • Web-based application
  • Easy implementation

Featureshavatech mobile check in

  • Standard baggage tag & boarding pass print
  • Accepts passenger name lists (PNL) from any reservations system
  • Excess baggage handling
  • Flight status
  • Go show/No show
  • Instant checks (flight number, date, duplicates)
  • Integration with baggage reconciliation systems
  • Local database (all DCS required data)
  • Multiple hosts supported simultaneously
  • Reports (on/off-line)
  • Improved Performance
  • Staff efficiency can be improved with shorter training time and user-friendly, easy-to-use web-based HDCS.
  • Online Check-In

Self-Service Check-in Solution

Havatech empowers your passenger handling process by offering web and kiosk self-service check-in. By utilizing our intuitive self-service check-in modules, you can avoid long queues at your check-in desk, decrease your costs, enhance the passenger experience, and exploit the limited airport space as much as possible. Check-in kiosks can both fully integrate with any Common Use Self-service System (CUSS) and act as an stand-alone kiosk. Web check-in allows your passengers to check-in themselves remotely, select their seats, and print or save their boarding passes before the flight. Our highly customizable online check-in module enhance the passengers’ journey experience by providing them a user-friendly interface and feature-based service. Havatech gives you the authority to override the web check whenever it needs to and decide when the online check-in will be open or closed.
Havatech also provides its costumers with a cost effective mobile check-in solutions, enabling your staff to check their passengers with a mobile or tablet check-in. Your passengers no more have to stand in queues before the counter desk. Your staff can reach out to the passengers to check them in, greatly enhancing their satisfaction.
All check-in modules have seamless integration with each other and already existed infrastructures in airport, minimizing any inconvenience and inconsistency.

Ground handler departure control system

Havatech offers ground handler with a cost-effective customizable solution, enabling them to manage all their airline customers with a big one tool. Take advantage of seamless integration with Havatech other solutions such as load control, ground handlers are able to do their ground operations rapidly and depart the flights in minimum time.
Thanks to the real-time visibility and graphical interface, supervisors can see the last changes made by their staffs and departure agents, override check-in channels, handle automated alerts, check the weight and balance calculations, and manually handle the load control of airplane. Our departure control solution gives the ground handlers the maximum operational management capacity and flexibility in operations and scheduling.