Havatech Airport Management Services

Nowadays, airports are among the most complex environments in the world. In this regard, all airports need to manage their facilities in order to maximize efficiency and passenger satisfaction. Havatech Airport Management Services enable the allocation of airport resources in an intuitive manner, which is totally adaptable to each airport processes. As these services are flexible, they can be deployed together or separately based on the needs of your airport.
Havatech Airport Management Services are cost-effective solutions, which allow growing airports to make intelligent use of airport information technologies (IT) that will keep the airport operational and airport management in control. Havatech Airport Management is a suite of cost-effective services that improves operational efficiency, reduces operational expenses, and support and enhance airport operations. Havatech Airport Management services are as follows:

Havatech Airport Operational Database (AODB)havatech aodb

The Airport Operational Database (AODB) enables airports to organize the arrival and departure activities as they are the main operations at an airport. This system is a flexible central database or repository for all operative systems, which is the heart and core of airport operations management. Havatech AODB is a centralized airport operational database, which makes day to day operations smoother, enhances cost and operational efficiency, streamlines and minimizes data entry, and it also stores, distributes, and manages real-time flight data.
In addition to assuring the accuracy of information by cross-referencing information between various systems, Havatech AODB stores and updates all necessary daily flights and associated information such as seasonal schedules, available resources, and other flight-related information like billing data and flight fees. Havatech AODB system makes sure of the security and protection of its application by requiring authorization before granting access to data. As changes are made from a central location and authorized persons, enforcing security measures is easier.

Havatech AODB Functions

  • Seasonal Scheduling
  • Daily Flight Schedule processing
  • Billing data processing
  • Taxi control
  • Check in counter 


Havatech Flight Information Display System (FIDS)flight information display system

Today, providing the public with essential flight information such as daily flight plans, departures, arrivals, points of inspection, and boarding exits is of a great importance in order to reduce the mobility of passengers and increases travelers’ satisfaction. Providing the right information to passengers may prevent them from long delays at the airport, which results in not knowing where to go and how long they can reach the boarding gates. Havatech Flight Information Display System is a comprehensive system for small, medium-sized, or large airports, which helps passengers to proceed to their destination quickly and in an optimal way.
Havatech FIDS is a user-friendly, web-based, and modern system that makes sure all passengers be well informed about the relevant information without undue delay and quickly in the right place, supporting multilingual display technology. Havatech FIDS consists of two parts: one is the control section that sets the information out to be displayed on the screens and the other is the screens to display the information. Also, Havatech FIDS helps not only to improve the quality of passenger service but also to increase the profitability of passenger terminal.

Havatech FIDS Benefits

  • Emergency Display
  • Customize Themes
  • Multi-language  support
  • Multi-terminal support