Havatech Flight Management

Flight management is a complex task with teams of experts handling sophisticated calculations. Moreover, optimized load allocation with  a considerable reduction  in fuel cost is another benefit of our Flight Management. Havatech Weight and Balance (WB) integrates and automates most of the decisions that your load controllers make. This means that they can safely handle many flights simultaneously through a single, intuitive, graphical interface. Your load controllers will no longer waste time switching between different systems and writing manual load  sheets.  Instead, they can simply use tablets to access data through dedicated HTML interfaces and send information directly to load controllers in real-time.
You can build customized flight departure plans quickly and easily using business rules: Havatech Weight and Balance automatically check if they are followed or not. Ground Handlers, as the main focus of our company, spend much of their resources (both financial expenses and man-hours) to prepare an aircraft for landing or takeing-off. Having designed applications for android and IOS alongside our web platform, Havatech has provided Ground Handlers with the opportunity to get a grasp of every aspect of their business. From various reported delays and analysis to graphical equipment overview and even revenue management, your company has a lot going for it; there are always steps you can take to improve customer satisfaction and conversion potential.

Benefits :

• Ability to get real-time information from flight coordinator through various devices (Mobile, Tablet, etc.)
 • Real-time graphical and numerical charts for the given information 
• A flexible procedure control for ground handlers to pass information
 • Electronic invoicing system for airlines and ground handlers which can be customized as needed 
• Generating management and analysis reports via interactive management dashboards to evaluate and optimize your business 
• Remarkable efficiency in time and costs of your ground handlers