Havatech Damaged Baggage Application

Havatech Damaged Baggage Application allows you to report and manage the damage of your luggage during the flights. Airline authorities can make a report of passengers’ claim at the airport. By using our application, you can inspect the baggage in case of providing compensation.

Every airline has a baggage policy that states every type of baggage damage. The airline will pay for compensation based on the type of damage with attention to the items which are excluded from repair or reimbursement offers. In this regard, users can set their policies by this application.

When a passenger asks for compensation, the user should make use of the picture taken during check-in process from passenger’s luggage and then scan the boarding pass barcode by his/her phone. The application will automatically file the damaged bag.


  • Havatech Damaged Baggage Application can run both on android and iOS.
  • This application can be installed both on tablet and mobile phone
  • By using the Havatech Application you can report damaged baggage to the airport Baggage Service Office, immediately after submitting the form.
  • Havatech Application allows you to retrieve damaged baggage information by scanning passengers’ boarding pass barcode
  • You can easily fill-out a damage claim form or Property Irregularity Report with baggage picture by using Havatech Application

havatech baggage damage application