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Our Products

Our Products

Airport Operational Database (AODB)

The increase in air traffic volume and the accompanying growth in air traffic data and the number of business partners require increasingly complex information management in a timely manner at airports. This new environment has put considerable pressure on airports to use their limited resources more efficiently.

Havatech Airport Management is a suite of integrated software applications designed to support and enhance airport operations from landing to take off. Given the dynamic nature of air traffic, a high degree of flexibility is a must for airport’s IT systems. Havatech solutions are designed to streamline information flows and enhance efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.

Departure Control System (DCS)

Havatech initiated its activities with the purpose of innovation in software solutions and services especially in the aviation and industry in 2019. Concentrating on the recognition of customer requirements, Havatech has developed solutions to simplify the procedures for Ground Handlers, Airlines, Airports, and more importantly end users. In other words, we focus on one main goal which is driving intelligence into our customer’s business. We develop smart and powerful products that deliver a new exciting experience to our customers. Research plays a key role in all Havatech products and we’re proud to say we have one the best and most skilled Research & Development departments in the business, leading to a large increase in customer satisfaction.

Load Control

Havatech Weight and Balance plays an important role in aircraft ground handling and increases overall flight operation efficiency by providing fuel savings. This smart and rapid module enables system users to complete all required tasks smoothly without compromising safety regulations.

Flight Managment

Flight management is a complex task with teams of experts handling sophisticated calculations. Moreover, optimized load allocation with  a considerable reduction  in fuel cost is another benefit of our Flight Management. Havatech Weight and Balance (WB) integrates and automates most of the decisions that your load controllers make. This means that they can safely handle many flights simultaneously through a single, intuitive, graphical interface.

Damaged Baggage Application

Havatech Damaged Baggage Application allows you to report and manage the damage of your luggage during the flights. Airline authorities can make a report of passengers’ claim at the airport. By using our application, you can inspect the baggage in case of providing compensation.

Havatech BRSBaggage Reconciliation System (BRS)

With Havatech baggage reconciliation (BRS) system you can keep track of every movement of every bag and container in your system.Havatech BRS has the following Benefits:

  • Matches all bags with boarded passengers
  • Minimizes misdirected baggage and associated rerouting costs
  • Tracks every bag and container
  • Reduces passenger processing time

What We Do

Havatech is a Turkish IT service company which provides software solutions (AODB, DCS, weight and balance, etc.) and ground handling services for airports and airlines. Our team delivers practical and high-quality solutions and services which are certified with the highest aviation standards. Taking into account our expertise in air transport industry, we are committed to ensure customer satisfaction.


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